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Roofing Solutions

We specialize in roofing solutions using light gauge steel trussing and Eco © Tiles making for an Eco- Friendly roof for residential and institutional applications

  • Polymersand material is safe for Environment
  • Polymersand does not rust or fade over time
  • Polymersand material is sound proof

Rain water harvesting solutions

We fabricate steel gutters for both residential and industrial applications ensuring every drop is collected and used from all available roof space.

Interior Solutions

We provide more than just design - we provide a professional and personalized comprehensive service which caters for designing spaces with the client’s desire in mind using lighting, sound and nature to create a space that is functional and effective..

  • Ceiling Gypsum and TNG solutions
  • Office & Residential Design

Asbestos Replacement

Decorative Paint Supply and Apply

Roof maintenance/Repairs/Re-roofing

Structural roof designs & layout